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Café Orange is now in its 21st year. This is no easy feat in this day and age. But there is a secret to the restaurant success. No matter the size of the gathering, you’ll find it at every table. It’s on every plate, in every glass and on every utensil. You’ll find it in everything. This key ingredient is called ‘Soul'.

Husband and wife, Jim and Georgia, opened the restaurant on June 10th 2002 as a ‘brunch’ eatery. Business quickly took off because of the irresistible combination of value and quality. Over the years, they found more and more talented servers, cooks, etc and found new ways to inspire their menu. In 2014 they welcomed Ed to the team. He would later take over the restaurant in 2022 and runs the restaurant to this day. A lot has changed since those early days. However, Café Orange is filled with genuinely passionate people who love great food and drinks. The air of hospitality at Café Orange is well-known. Our booths are designed for snuggling up with friends and enjoying life! The diversity of the neighbourhood ensures that you never know who you are going to meet. You may end up in a with anybody from a lawyer to a radio host; a financial mogul to an Olympian. Since this is Quebec, “Nous sommes fiers de parler le Français aussi!”
Chef Ali, also a partner at the resto, and his team make nearly everything using only fresh ingredients, some organic, as the seasons allow. The restaurant specializes in breakfast food and creative comfort fare. Eggs Benedict, omelettes, pancakes, savory crepes, salads….they’re all here during the day, at reasonable prices. There is also delicious assortment of comfort food, beer and cocktails. if you want to ‘graze’ on some light vegetarian dishes, how about a nice salad? We’re not fine dining or fast dining, but we are good “down home” dining.

So come on down to the O.C. for Food, Friends, Fun! Actually your friends are already here and they have a message for you. “First we eat and then we do everything else